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Brand Equity Management This course will enable students to analyze the current major strategy that consists in valorizing the brand equity of a given brand alongside the highly intense internal competition. Specialized Courses Fashion Design, Styling and Trend Forecasting Fashion and image respect the same rules, and for all professionals it is of upmost importance to be ever aware of the latest trends appearing in the landscape of the field, and therefore being able to forecast upcoming influences, in order to anticipate the desires of the public and always offering the best commercial balance in their collections.

It prepares students to enter the workplace with knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied. Luxury and Corporate Social Responsibility After some hesitation, almost all major luxury brands have seriously embarked on CSR programs, which in most cases must be perceived not as superficial Public Relations exercises but as well-thought out plans to deal with new markets as well as with Human Resource and Customer Relation Management issues.

Value Perception of the Luxury Industry The course is very research-driven requiring some fieldwork as well. Inside the company, one can find managers and employees, outside, employees and customers. In order to make sense of so much information, managers need frameworks for developing clear and effective strategies.

Integration of digital in-store in the key luxury worldwide flagships will be shown. The main focus is to analyze market and consumer trends, understand key success factors of award-winning high luxury brands and apply theories to devise strategy. Creating High Luxury Brands The course aims to prepare students to create their own brands with small means and provides knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied.

International Strategic Management The pace of business is getting faster and more complex.

Students will also study national and international I. We will also examine what actions can be taken against counterfeiting and attempt to gauge their effectiveness.

Luxury Retailing Strategies and Brand Retention This course will embrace the main channels of distribution from the B2C market giving students a large perspective about the main retailing strategies and how to combine it efficiently so to achieve the Omni-channel channel.

The brand retention as a key strategy to retain Customers within the portfolio of the Brand is also deeply approached. The subject will be approached from three levels — production, distribution and consumption.

This course aims at giving strategic tools so that students will be able to think strategically in real business situations to make effective decisions. The main focus is to analyze competitor brands relative to market and consumer trends by applying the latest theories and cutting-edge thinking.

The course will provide students with tools to analyze the brand equity through its ten strengths and to manage it appropriately according to the brand lifecycle. Students will learn how CSR is important for developing a corporate personality for major groups like LVMH and Richemont and how they have incorporated CSR into their overall marketing and communications strategies.underlying thesis adds new insights to the image of luxury brands selling online and gives a clear overview about the current ‘state of the art’ in luxury.

Master Luxury Marketing; MBA Luxury Brand Communication & Marketing; MBA Luxury Brand Management, Food and Wine The MBA Luxury Brand Management, Jewelry & Cosmetics is taught in English, but some seminars will be delivered in French.

they must also write and defend a thesis in a field related to this program. INSEEC U. is. What is an MA in Jewelry Design? This degree can provide program participants an opportunity to study all facets of jewelry, including fine art, fashion, photography, history, design theory and practice, merchandising, and manufacturing.

Master in Jewelry & Metal Arts Academy of Art University.

Online Campus Full time 2 - 3 years September. Students searching for Metal and Jewelry Art found the following resources, articles, links, and information helpful.

They may work as a jewelry designer, creator, or retailer. thesis, and. Master; Master in Jewelry Request free information from SCAD - The Savannah College of Art and Design you’ll get first-hand experience as a jewelry designer to develop your resume and stock your portfolio even before graduation, preparing you to thrive in today's creative economy.

MTJW Jewelry M.F.A. Thesis. Fine jewelry, fabricated by an artist, with ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable gems and pearls.

Master thesis luxury online jewelry
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